On Single-Payer.


What is Single-Payer?

“Single-payer national health insurance, also known as “Medicare for all,” is a system in which a single public or quasi-public agency organizes health care financing, but the delivery of care remains largely in private hands. Under a single-payer system, all residents of the U.S. would be covered for all medically necessary services, including doctor, hospital, preventive, long-term care, mental health, reproductive health care, dental, vision, prescription drug and medical supply costs.

The program would be funded by the savings obtained from replacing today’s inefficient, profit-oriented, multiple insurance payers with a single streamlined, nonprofit, public payer, and by modest new taxes based on ability to pay. Premiums would disappear; 95 percent of all households would save money. Patients would no longer face financial barriers to care such as co-pays and deductibles, and would regain free choice of doctor and hospital. Doctors would regain autonomy over patient care.” – Physicians for a National Health Program


Why should I support it?

I support the single-payer healthcare model because it provides a way to cut out the middle man in healthcare — corporate America. The single payer system streamlines the healthcare needs of Americans while ensuring adequate physician compensation. The single payer system ensures that the money going into healthcare goes directly to healthcare professionals. The system also gives doctors their power back to spend more time with patients and less time concerned about their obligations to multiple insurance companies. Cutting out private insurance decreases the existing parity in healthcare and gives physicians the opportunity to provide all patients with quality care.

What can I do to support Single-Payer?

Follow the link below to send an editable letter to your representative to bring light to the Single-Payer system.



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